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Demo Production

If you are interested in building or re-working an animation or interactive demo, look no further!  Julie’s coaching passion, combined with her years of experience working and directing in both fields, will help you find and develop your personal range. She will focus first on helping you find your voice, then your most competitive characters, and finally, pull everything together with smart, funny and tight copy backed by contemporary production to enhance-not bury- your characterizations!

Demo Samples​

Heather Gonzales: Interactive
David McKahan: Animation

When traveling down your actor path you have to make sure you're prepared for the journey. A quality demo is a must and I can't think of a better place to record one than LA Digital with Bryan Showalter while being directed by the unbelievably talent Julie Maddalena. You won't encounter friendlier professionals who will work with you until you have the perfect sound and your demo will be the best representation of you as an actor. The studio is clean, the equipment is top notch and the direction you will receive is some of the best. Collaboration with Julie and Bryan will yield a truly epic demo that you can proudly use to market yourself for years to come.

A de Ment_NT-103.jpg
Ariel de Ment: Animation

When I think of what a mentor is, Julie is who comes to mind. When I feel stuck or lost in my career she is the person who can put me back on the right track. She always pushes me to be better and to take chances, never letting me take the easy way out by thinking "I will never book this". She knows how to get that perfect read out of you when you can't seem to find it. The demo she and Bryan produced will be a demo I can use competitively for a long while. And when I need a new one..I know where I will go to get it produced!

Fraser Henderson: Animation

Julie's unique coaching is invaluable whether it be in lessons or in preparing a demo tailored specifically to you. She knows her students like the back of her hand and her care and encouragement knows no bounds. Julie is more to her students than just a teacher, she's a mentor.

Veronica Barrera Headshot.jpg
Veronica Barrera: Animation

When I think of a mentor and friend I think of Julie. She has been instrumental to my growth as an actor. She really got to know me and really believed in me. There was so much depth to my characters, because we tirelessly worked on them. Julie and I wanted to get them right and it shows. I also wrote my demo and Julie helped tighten it up. The work her and Bryan did on my Animation demo has been absolutely fantastic. I am so happy with my demo and landed an agent a few months later. She is my go to for Animation and Video Game training. Thank you Julie, you are amazing!

David A. Castillo: Animation

Julie has been instrumental in my acting journey, relentlessly keeping me honest with every character and copy we discovered.  With her decades of experience on all sides of the field, I felt fortunate to be a sponge learning from her and having her guide me through her classes, her private coachings, and in her producing my animation demo.  I had been humbled and excited to work with her ever since day one.  She encouraged a limitless curiosity and exploration of voice and we were able to tackle and to own areas I did not even think were in my wheelhouse.  She was there from the very start of my VO journey and even prepping me to own my very first VO booking.  I apply her pearls of wisdom with every VO and non-VO engagements I have had since.  Julie is a legend and a blessing.

Dakota George: Animation

Julie provides excellent care and quality when working with her students. I have worked with quite a number of acting coaches online and in person and none have come close to the type of work Julie can provide. 10/10 I’d recommend her to anyone, experienced actor or not. She is my go-to person for Animation and video game voice acting! 

Kendell Byrd: Animation

There are not enough amazing things to say about Julie! Doing my demo with her and being coached by her was the best decision I've made in my voiceover career. Julie does such an amazing job at finding all the wonderful voices that you have within you. Julie knows that each person is different and is truly invested in each of her student's individual path, growth, and voiceover career (and she is just a great person to talk to about anything!). I wouldn't be where I am today without her, and wouldn't have had things happen so quickly without her and the demo she made for me. So much love, and thank you to Julie for everything! 

Michael Orenstein: Commercial

I did both my commercial and animation demos with Julie. She was fantastic, she took the time to really get to know me and what I can do before we started picking scripts, and her energy and enthusiasm for both the work and for me in particular really enabled me to give my best reads.

Marie Lively: Animation

Working with Julie was truly a wonderful experience.  Being a neurotic type A person who wants to win at everything, I found it very comforting that Julie took the time to get to know me and my voice and worked with me week after week to get the best characters out of me.  I love my Animation demo and landed an agent soon after completing it.  Thank you Julie!  You are the best!!!

IMG_2458-2 profile2.jpg
Jesse Morton: Animation

Ms. Julie has been instrumental to my growth in skill, understanding and confidence. She's more than a fantastic coach; she is ripe with wisdom that applies to both career growth and personal growth. I'm unbelievably stoked to have such a killer demo reel that expertly highlights my unique tone and skills, and am so glad to have such a great mentor and friend!

Emily Sun: Animation

Julie is truly the sweetest, kindest, most brilliant person I have had the honor of working with and studying under! She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders while I navigate through the crazy world of voice acting and has been there for every major milestone I've achieved throughout my career. Julie gives very clear and concise direction, both in classes and in the booth, and is incredibly encouraging and supportive, which allows her students to take risks and make mistakes in a safe and inclusive environment. My growth as an actor has accelerated greatly under her tutelage and I know I will continue expanding my skill set with her expert guidance! Julie truly believes in every one of her students and does her absolute best to help them reach their goals, and I am beyond honored and grateful that our paths crossed when they did. I cannot imagine where I would be in my voice acting career without her support and advice, which spans every facet of the voice acting industry. I have learned so many industry tips and tricks alongside valuable acting skills that have made me a well-rounded voice actor. Julie is genuinely invested seeing others soar and succeed, and her heart is full of love for everyone she meets. And working on my animation demo with her was an absolute delight! It's an incredibly focused and fun process that allows you to play in the largest sandbox ever, and it's amazing to witness Julie's creative genius in real-time and see how intentional she is when developing characters to showcase on the demo. She has cultivated a wonderful community, a true family, in her corner of the voice acting industry and the world is a much happier, friendlier place because of her. Any time someone asks for recommendations for a private coach, I always proudly tell them to work with Julie because I know they'll benefit greatly by studying with her, just like I have!

Jake Blonstein: Interactive

Julie’s brilliant industry knowledge and succinctly playful direction are second to none, but her most extraordinary ability is to instill a confidence in her students strong enough to propel their growth to new heights.

Matthew Greenbaum: Animation

Working with Julie was so refreshing; it's so rare to find someone who will be both kind, and completely honest with you at the same time. This demo has helped me to get many roles since I recorded it, and if I had to do it all over again, I would absolutely choose Julie a second time for my demo.

JeffGritton Headshot.jpg
Jeffrey Gritton: Animation

Julie is an absolute delight to work with. She has the unparalleled ability to get the best out of anyone she is directing. Julie picks out the right scripts and works with you until you are ready to record your demo.  After your session you’ll get your demo back in record time and you won’t be disappointed.

Tyler West: Animation
Spencer Greene: Animation
Brook Chalmers: Animation

I made my current animation demo with Julie, and she expertly guided me through the process. We sat together, went through copy and she quickly honed in on the copy that fit my voice. We recorded numerous voice and narrowed it down to a really solid core set. I never felt pressured or anything, it was a very organic process and by the end of it I felt we nailed it. Now I am able to use it as a calling card, which has been getting me numerous opportunities and booked gigs! I can’t thank Julie enough for truly helping to jump start my career!

David Swanson: Animation

Julie is a wonderful actor, great coach, excellent teacher, and even better director! 

Overall one of the best people you will find in the world inside and outside of VO. 

I loved working with Julie and when I was ready, I felt she would be the best to help me with my demo. 

Loved every minute of it, she not only helped me select great characters to highlight my strengths she helped me develop them 

in a safe environment to really bring out my characters. 

Julie made sure my demo was competitive and in this very competitive field you need to put forth your best, she made sure that I was.

It was a lot of work but totally worth it, and had a blast working with Julie.

I've booked several jobs based on my demo with her, and will be coming back when I need to make a new one. 

Thank you little VO Mama! 

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