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Wendee Lee

Julie is dream talent - So versatile, intuitive, and easy to direct. Her positive spirit and playful genuineness make every session a breeze.

I have been working with Julie for decades, and I am always thrilled to see her on my cast lists. I have cast her in countless roles all of which

have only made me look better. She’s a consummate pro, very fast, and so much fun to collaborate with. Julie is the best!

David McKahan

When traveling down your actor path you have to make sure you're prepared for the journey. A quality demo is a must and I can't think of a better place to record one than LA Digital with Bryan Showalter while being directed by the unbelievably talent Julie Maddalena. You won't encounter friendlier professionals who will work with you until you have the perfect sound and your demo will be the best representation of you as an actor. The studio os clean, the equipment is top notch and the direction you will receive is some of the best. Collaboration with Julie and Bryan will yield a truly epic demo that you can proudly use to market yourself for years to come.

Kendall Byrd

There are not enough amazing things to say about Julie! Doing my demo with her and being coached by her was the best decision I've made in my voiceover career. Julie does such an amazing job at finding all the wonderful voices that you have within you. Julie knows that each person is different and is truly invested in each of her student's individual path, growth, and voiceover career (and she is just a great person to talk to about anything!). I wouldn't be where I am today without her, and wouldn't have had things happen so quickly without her and the demo she made for me. So much love, and thank you to Julie for everything! 

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