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Julie's coaching is the culmination of 4 decades in the VO biz!! She brings extensive experience from stage, screen and behind the mic, as both an actor and director, to help develop her students using a three-fold approach. Julie focuses on the person first, the voice second and third- the most personal, professional and competitive version of that unique voice.



Animation is a diverse category these days with pre-lay/ original animation, anime, dubbing, children’s projects and more mature fare. Julie will not only meet you at your point of passion but will also direct and develop your voice, characters and strengths for the different animation expressions.


Commercial VO is a technique that stands alone but also uses many of the same core acting skills and techniques that Julie applies across the board when coaching her students. The language from style to style is fundamentally the same, but, if  you have the passion or voice for commercials, Julie will help you find and develop the commercial VO nuances and tricks that’ll give you that competitive edge.

Demo Feedback

This service is specific to demos that have already been produced, or are in the process of being produced, by someone else. Julie will be that outside “ear” or second opinion to help coax the best out of your reads, adjust the order, or finesse production details!


Interactive VO is an extremely popular, lucrative and competitive branch of voiceovers these days. Julie will help you mature your theatrical acting style, which is better suited to most interactive projects. Though not for every voice, if you CAN get there, Julie will help you do it!!!!

Audition Direction

With the paradigm shift to remote auditions, recording and self-directing, sometimes we just need an experienced outside opinion… especially for those really big gigs!!! Using her casting and directing ear, Julie can help guide you through interpreting the info you have into a fleshed out, creative and original read. 

Group Classes

The group dynamic can offer creative  stimulation, encouragement and just the right "kick-in-the-butt”. Julie offers group classes in many forms: her First Fridays workout group, special guest-teacher nights, Improvologue workouts and her Character Voice Acting classes through Adventures in Voice Acting. Julie’s group classes still reflect her personal and intimate attention per student to draw the best out of each person.

What my Clients Say


David McKahan

When traveling down your actor path you have to make sure you're prepare for the journey. A quality demo is a must and I can't think of a better place to record one then LA Digital with Bryan Showalter while being directed by the unbelievably talented Julie Maddalena. You won't encounter friendlier professionals who will work with you until you have the perfect sound and your demo will be the best representation of you as an actor.The studio is clean, the equipment is top notch and the direction you will receive is some of the best. Collaborating with Julie and Bryan will yield a truly epic demo that you can proudly use to market yourself for years to come.
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